Speaking in Charleston

If you’ve been following my relationship and conversation with vendors, you may be interested to know that I’ll be giving Thursday morning’s opening plenary address at the Charleston Conference next week:

Librarians In The Post-Digital Information Era: Reclaiming Our Rights and Responsibilities

The best libraries were never simply buyers and warehouses for information, but something more, centered around synthesis and access and creativity. As the information ecosystem has shifted, forcing our attention to the operational side of How We Manage Information, some of us have lost sight of that. We hand over our shrinking resources to prominent for-profit publishers and vendors because it’s How The System Works, without considering what our role in that system is, has been, and might be. It’s time to remind everyone that the power of libraries lies not in our passivity but in our action, and reclaim and redefine our roles within it. Drawing on her experiences with the American Chemical Society, faculty perceptions of scholarship and libraries, and local and national conversations about library acquisitions, Jenica Rogers will share her vision of what librarians’ rights and responsibilities are and can be in the postdigital information economy.

You can bet I’ll be talking about the things you hope I’ll be talking about. If you’re there, please come say hello. I’ll be the pregnant one, on stage.

If you can’t be in Charleston, it’s my understanding that the presentation will be recorded and posted online, and if that happens, I will share later.

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