Video from Charleston 2013, with a warning

The video from my Charleston talk is now officially available, from Charleston, on YouTube.  This link will take you there, if the embed below doesn’t work.

Before you go watch, I need to say this:

This talk deserves a trigger warning regarding domestic abuse. I draw a direct comparison between an emotionally abusive set of circumstances in a domestic relationship and the ways that publishers have approached libraries in our commercial relationships. It was not my intent to hurt anyone with this comparison, but it was careless of me not to realize that hurt would be a result. I knew it would startle people, and hoped it would shock some into seeing things differently. I didn’t think about the pain it would cause others, and for that I am sorry.

The section in question starts around 27:00, and goes to 30:00.

Beyond that apology, I believe my words can speak for themselves. I still believe, deeply, in the overall message of this talk. Things have to change, on both sides of the relationship.


    • Thank you! I’ve learned that I can’t do the scriptwriting until I have the visuals nailed down — so it goes “abstract, outline, visuals, script” for me. They’re not perfect, ever, and there are others with better design sense, but it’s become part of my process.

      As for the talk, well. Love me or hate me, those seem to be the options. 😉


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