Search Queries that get people here

Every  now and then I look at how people search and find this blog on Google. They usually make me chuckle. Here are some of the interesting ones from the last quarter:

  • owning your shit, own your shit, ownyourshit. Yep. I believe in this one. If you did it, if you said it, if you wrote it, sometimes even if you thought it: Own it. Acknowledge it. Deal with the repercussions of it. Don’t pretend it isn’t yours. Our failures and challenges are just as much a part of who we are as our successes. Own yourself.
  • jenica rogers tenure. Granted, along with promotion to Associate Librarian, in 2009.
  • what is women leadership, female’s problem in leadership, what does being a leader mean to a young lady, what is womens leadership, what does it mean to be a woman in leadership?, what does leadership mean to women. I dunno, what’s leadership mean to pineapples? To wombats? How about to humans in general? Be a leader by being yourself and understanding your strengths. If your strengths are inextricably related to your gender, more power to you — use them. If not, well, hey, look at that, you’re a multipurpose human. Be a leader anyway.
  • why are “american chemical society” classes expensive, how much does a american chemical society pen cost, does anyone care if a degree is american chemical society certified. If I had these answers…
  • auntie mame darien reference. Damn, I love that movie.
  • we all have our own issues. Indeed.
  • elegant and beautyfull cover page for projecis, teribble letter short. Start by spelling everything correctly.
  • why do people put sage in coffee. People put sage in coffee?!? What the everloving what?!?
  • do effective leaders have to be touchy feely. Nope. But they need to know they’re probably disappointing someone when they aren’t, and should probably compensate in some way.
  • can i ask about the budget in a job interview. You bet your ass you can, if it’s relevant. You are also interviewing them, just as they interview you.
  • adminstration jobs suck. Sometimes. But they’re wildly important to do well, anyway.
  • height jenica rogers. 5’6″ in bare feet, 20 feet or 2 inches tall on the internet, depending on who you ask.

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