The Horde’s results

My interns presented their exhibits to a group of librarians, faculty, and campus colleagues today. I couldn’t be prouder of them. At least one of them is going into a library grad program following graduation, and all four of the others hope and plan to.  (They’re not all seniors, so they have time…)

My charge to them was pretty straightforward: dig through the College’s online history resources, which I linked here, and find me “interesting stuff” that could go into a timeline of the College’s history. I told them that as they researched, I was sure they were going to find a theme that was interesting to them, that they were passionate about, or curious about… and that I wanted them to follow it. And then, in addition to the files of things that are fodder for the timeline, they each made an online exhibit in Omeka, which we are just starting to use for archives exhibits.

Given that I gave them free rein to do what they wanted, did very little hands-on assistance (but offered a lot of guidance), and generally trusted them to go forth and be awesome, I’m very pleased. We’ll polish and edit some of these this summer, and probably look for places to expand and focus in others, but overall this is a great start from my small horde of undergraduate interns. We met as a group every Friday at 3, and they made every week a better at the end of it.

So please enjoy this little preview of the kind of work I intend to spend a part of my summer digging into as we prepare for our college’s bicentennial!

Alexander Dumas: Potsdam State Teacher’s College During WWII, and Potsdam State Teacher’s College During the Vietnam War

Paul Halley: Learning Liberal: A look at SUNY Potsdam’s Strong Beginnings in Liberal Arts

Natalie LoRusso: Women’s History at SUNY Potsdam

Katrina Rink: Sororities, Fraternities, and Honor Societies

Emma Trevena: Architecture on the SUNY Potsdam Campus

(And now that I’ve posted this we’re having a problem with Omeka. But the pride remains!)

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