video games and date nights

Sometimes, my job is super fun. I just sent this draft title and abstract off to our campus life staff for my participation in the student leadership conference in two weeks.

Learning from video games and date nights: How to plan backwards

We’ve all figured out how to get from home to a restaurant and then to the movies in time for the 9:30 show, and the NPCs in video games are always totally focused on defending against whatever you’re trying to accomplish, no matter what you do. So if we can teach an AI how to stop a pixelated hero and we can all figure out how to have time to buy popcorn before a movie, why can’t we get our organizations to plan an event or reach a goal? Probably because you’re planning forwards, and the best way to get from point A to point B is actually to plan backwards. I’ll share a bit about how to make that work.

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