Jenica at ALA Midwinter 2016

ALA Midwinter snuck up on me this year. Isn’t it in, like, three weeks? No? Thursday? 5 days? Oh.

Well then.

So I’ll be there in 5 days (*gulp*), and I’m doing three things explicitly (and a whole lot of networking and such implicitly).

Thing One:

Speaking as part of the ALCTS Re-envisioning Technical Services to Transform Libraries symposium.

The overall blurb is:

How can libraries enhance and reposition their technical services operations to drive ongoing library transformation? Scholarly communications, data curation, digital humanities, cooperative preservation, library publishing, collaborative collection management: all of these new functions require a talented staff with significant technical services expertise, regardless of their titles and reporting structure. This symposium will explore how libraries can recruit and cultivate staff who can serve as both leaders and contributors and provide insight into talent management, including identifying and nurturing leaders; succession planning; promoting diversity; and connecting staff with the best training options throughout their careers.

And my bit is:

Bringing the “Back Room” Forward: Thoughts on Recruiting, Supporting, and Transforming the Tech Services Librarian

I’m actively excited to be a part of this — I agreed to do it immediately upon being asked, because it links my two library passions — technical services and leadership. And I believe *technical* services need leadership, because we must continue to truly believe in the frameworks of information access if we want to provide strong and responsive *public* services. I’ll say more about those connections in my talk! (Which is in 6 days. *gulp*)

Thing Two:

I’ll be hanging out with Jason Griffey and our partners from Measure the Future at our exhibit hall booth! Come say hi, get more information, and think and talk with us about how librarians who freeze in the face of instructions like “flash the firmware” can make use of DIY technology to solve real problems. Measure the Future is a solution that’s been made by librarians for librarians, focused on making affordable, agile technology solutions with intuitive user interfaces and a keen awareness of library values (like privacy). It’s an amazing project. Come see us and we’ll tell you more.

Booth 2232

For the first time, the Measure the Future Project will have a booth in the ALA Midwinter Exhibit Hall! We will be showing off examples of what we’re building, including hardware and software, and will be taking signups for libraries and librarians interested in the project. I’ll be at the booth any time I’m not speaking at one of the below, so if you’re looking for me, it’s a good bet that’s where I’ll be. We’ll have cool giveaways, a LibraryBox sharing information about the project, and we’re sharing a booth with the Library Freedom Project (who are basically made of cool and awesome and you know you want to come hang out).

Thing Three:

SUNY Potsdam is hiring a Coordinator of Technical Services and Discovery.

I missed the deadline to sign up for a space at the job fair*, but I will, as I noted in Thing Two, be hanging out at the Measure The Future booth. I am more than willing to talk about Potsdam, about our vision and values, and about our open position — please stop by if the thought of working with us and leading our Tech Services unit appeals to you.

*I have reached out to ask if I can get in anyway… I will update accordingly if I do.


So! I hope to see you there. In five days. (*gulp*)

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