AADitL: Wednesday 

Heck, let’s do it again. Why not. Today’s a day with a much different rhythm to it.

7:00 — Alarm goes off. Wake up, talk to my husband for a while, read my email, respond to a few quick messages that can be handled by iPhone. The kiddo wakes up as I get into the shower. Justin gets Gwyneth ready for daycare and de-ices the car while I get ready for work. Gather up my laptop and work bag — including diapers and wipes for daycare, this morning — and head to campus.

9:00 — Drop the Pook at daycare. She settles in to eat her breakfast and happily waves bye-bye to me as I leave.

9:10 — Leave campus and drive downtown. Order a bagel and coffee at the Bagelry, and sit down to review grant budget options worked up yesterday.

9:40 — Back to campus, to the library. Check in with my secretary and Assistant Director about any outstanding morning issues, triage email, update the grant budget spreadsheets and send to my partner at Oneonta.

10:00 — Call with grant partner at Oneonta.

10:45 — Finish (very productive!) call, reserve a hotel room for a newly planned trip to visit Oneonta, and fill out travel paperwork and fleet vehicle reservation forms.

11:00 — Office… stuff. Email. Software updates on my laptop. Return a few quick voicemails received. 10 minute Facebook break to update family group about my adjusted travel plans for April.

11:40 — Opened the SUNY Learning Commons site for the Office of Library and Information Services, and reviewed the documents there on our exploration of modern ILSs for our pending SUNY-wide migration… begin looking at documents and decide that needs more attention than I have right now.

11:50 — Go talk to a Center staff member about the ongoing China paperwork saga, and another about yesterday’s email issue. Come back to my office to meet with an intern who’s working on an exhibit for Frederick Crumb’s birthday (we named a library after him, I think the campus should know who he was!). Cross paths with the student working on another independent digitization project, talk to her about her progress. Buy my lunch, and take a few photos of the (packed!) library spaces to share with the new provost.

12:30 — Lunch break. Eat and save a tiny civilization from zombies (Rebuild 3) and listen to an audiobook (The Aeronaut’s Windlass).

1:00 — After a break to make coffee, get water, and print a few editing copies of documents, I talk through a few issues with my secretary and respond to a few more email messages.

1:30 — Get started on second drafts of two projects. Reviewed edits and feedback. Read Deanna Marcum’s latest Ithaka S+R Issue Brief, Library Leadership for the Digital Age, as inspiration. Found a few great, challenging quotes to frame my thinking. For example:

While a great many librarians understand that libraries for all practical purposes are digital, there are still a number of librarians who believe that digital activities are in addition to the core. We are no longer waiting for the digital revolution to happen. It is here. Print collections continue to have great scholarly value, but students are seeking digital information—when they want it, on any device, from anywhere.

Scribbled a bunch of thoughts. Crossed them out. Scribbled new ones. Started thinking about core services in a digital library age. Hit my stride. Reformatted a section of the libraries’ staffing plan, and began writing the last portion of it.

3:00 — Took a break to stretch and think. Ordered the table banners for the Center. Wrote and printed an update for the benefactors of the Center.

3:40 — Received the MOU for our SUNY grant for Applied Learning, and began thinking about that.

4:00 — Professional reading. ACRL/IPEDS revisions. Scheduling an iSchool LIS Guiding Council meeting. Poking about in the SUNY Center for Professional Development offerings. Ended up on the Schol-comm-L problem. This is the best summation I’ve seen. “Cry me a (White Male) River”.

4:40 — Time to go get the Pook. Husband says we’re having stromboli for dinner. And I’m calling it a day, for today. Shorter than usual, but really, really productive in lots of non-tangible ways. And that’s the way of it, some days — not much to show for my time, but lots of brain work done or moved forward or in some way jumpstarted.

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