Snippet on leadership

I’ve been trying to write more often, to warm up the engine, as it were. I have a few snips of writing that didn’t lead anywhere coherent but are meaningful on their own, maybe. I’m just going to publish them.

Written longhand, 12-28-17.

“I’d rather be steering the ship than rowing it.”  Are you a general or a captain? Are you a captain or a navigator? Are you part of a fleet or an independent vessel? Are you under orders to go a particular direction, and how much latitude do you have over getting there? If your oarswomen think you’re about to hit those rocks they can see very clearly from the sculling seats, will they slap on their helmets and mutiny all over your incompetent ass?


So go ahead and be a leader. Be the captain, be the princess, be the general. Lead the damned rebellion. But recognize that if you’re the general, you’re going to need bloody-minded suicidal heroes to steal the plans to the Death Star for you, if you’re the princess, you’re going to need enough goodwill to convince both generals and fighter pilots to fight with you, and if you’re just a scruffy smuggler who’s trying to make good, you’re going to need Force-touched potential Jedi standing behind you. You need a crew. You need a team. You need to understand the people you’re leading, the people you’re following, and the people you’re all serving.

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