Learning it together

I pulled this together today from a half dozen examples on the internet, cherrypicking here and there for the ones that struck me as funniest, and not punching down at anyone. That matters to me, because, well, it matters to me, but also because this is horizontal humor. I’ve done it myself. I recently — twice, even! — sent screencap videos to staff members showing them how to do a task, and failed to turn off the “record system audio” toggle. So my Career Services Peer Mentors got a video with Hole’s Doll Parts as a soundtrack, and a staff member on my team got a OneDrive video with Johnny Cash singing Desperado. They didn’t need soundtracks, but I’m still learning how to use Relay smoothly. I’m a grown up, a competent professional, and I’m still “oops”ing all over the damn place.

And running a faculty meeting over Zoom? That’s a monstrous task to tackle. Particularly while also quarantining. And moving all of your courses online for 2/3 of the semester. And figuring out how to work from home. And our communities are wracked with unemployment. And our students are forced into absolutely unfathomable learning conditions. And people continue to die.

So. Yes. There were a lot of these things said and done. The kid I saw was adorable. The mute problems were manageable. No one shared an embarrassing screen. The knitter was me. No one was actually drinking, that I saw, so no BINGO for you if that was your row.

We’re all learning this together. None of us has done this, this way, before. We’re going to make mistakes. But what amazing things we’re learning how to do, together, with our sense of humor fully intact.

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