a task force will begin dialogue on guidance for next steps

Reading this Twitter thread hurt. We all like to feel positive emotions about our work, our vocation, our communities. So that thread hurt. It needed to hurt. It should hurt, to reflect its hurt on those we were supposed to support. Because I’ve heard all of those things as an academic administrator. I’ve been complicit […]


I just finished cohosting the fifth of five culminating/celebratory events, run via Zoom, coming out of the Lougheed Center for Applied Learning in the last ten days. I can emcee with no trouble, I can read bios with only a small stumble here and there (damn you, scientific terminology!), and I’m starting to have memorized […]

But what can we DO?

We’ve reached the point in this national crisis in which our systems start to feel the strain of dealing with individual struggles on an individual basis. Higher education isn’t exempt from that. We’ve poured our compassion and our care and our desperate need to help our students succeed into switching four or more courses each […]

#wfh tools for the unprepared

2020 was the year when all of American academia went to remote learning, and wasn’t prepared. Here’s what I’ve figured out, so far.

Learning it together

I pulled this together today from a half dozen examples on the internet, cherrypicking here and there for the ones that struck me as funniest, and not punching down at anyone. That matters to me, because, well, it matters to me, but also because this is horizontal humor. I’ve done it myself. I recently — […]

beginnings and endings

We’re in the middle of a global pandemic, I’m working from home, LISHost is shutting down, I’m 18 months into a new career, and… I miss writing. So I don’t know what I’m going to do here, but maybe it’ll be something. Regardless: new beginnings.

Define “a natural”

Over the last decade I’ve had people tell me pretty routinely that I’m good at being the figurehead. I gladly accept the compliment; appreciation feels awesome. And I have absolutely become good at standing up in front of a crowd, advocating for what I do, shaking hands and smiling and winning people over. I wasn’t […]

A new start

On July 1, 2019, after 10 years in the position, I will be stepping down as Director of Libraries at SUNY Potsdam.

Instead, I will start my 17th year here as the full-time Dorf Endowed Director of the Lougheed Center for Applied Learning, and Executive Director of the Lougheed Learning Commons. This change is both good for me, and good for SUNY Potsdam, a place I love to pieces.


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