Contact Jenica

The form below will send me an email that I can easily track back as a contact via the blog; this is awesomely useful for me when I’m trying to remember who, when, and how someone reached out. If you can’t abide the form, you can reach me at jenicaprogers on gmail.

I do not accept unsolicited guest posts, and I am generally disinterested in “independently” writing about the thing you want me to write about, unless it’s a hot topic in libraryland that I find intriguing and have an opinion on at the same time that I have spare time to say it in. I am unlikely to respond to such solicitations, however well-meant, unless they contain some other thing about which we have reason to meaningfully communicate. I mean, no one likes trying to politely type a message that just says “No,I don’t want to write about the thing you love deeply”, so… I just pretty much don’t.

If you’re interested in having me speak at your conference, write for your publication, or work with your organization, please see my Speaking, Consulting, and Mentoring page for more details.