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The title of this website, Attempting Elegance, is a blatant theft from danah boyd‘s post at apophenia, Controlling your public appearance, in which she says,

Carefully crafting and cautiously managing one’s public image is a critical aspect of living in a mediated public world. Every advice column I’ve read warns people of the dangers of living online. I think that this is idiotic. People need to embrace the world we live in and learn to work within its framework.
Don’t panic about being public – embrace it and handle it with elegance.

So here I am, attempting elegance.

How I Do Things:

  • I am not interested in guest posts unless I seek them out myself.
  • I am not interested in solicitations to advertise, review, or promote any product, service, or site.
  • I reserve the right to edit or delete any comment which contains a personal attack, discriminatory or hate speech, or sinks to the level of repeated trolling.

Curriculum Vitae

The professional bio:

Jenica P. Rogers is the Dorf Endowed Director for Applied Learning in the Lougheed Center for Applied Learning, and the Executive Director of the Lougheed Learning Commons, at the State University of New York at Potsdam. Jenica’s pre-leadership background is in librarianship, focused on information architecture and staff training. Jenica earned her MLIS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2001 after graduating from Trinity College in Hartford, CT in 1998 with a BA in English Literature.

The Dorf Endowed Director is the chief administrator for the College’s work in experiential education, international education, student research, the Honors Program, and career services. Through the work of the Center, students and faculty are annually awarded more than $100,000 in grants supported by $3.5M in endowments to support applied learning.

The Lougheed Learning Commons is a hub of non-classroom academic space which includes the College Libraries, College Archives, Lougheed Center for Applied Learning, College Makerspace, and Honors Program, and is dedicated to exploring and expanding the boundaries and intersections of traditional classroom instruction and applied research and learning activities.

Or, if you prefer:

  • I’m kind and generous and selfish and blunt. I keep obsessive to-do lists. I was tenured at Associate rank at 33. All three of those statements are related.
  • Feminism is my second favorite F word, and I have no patience for bigotry, elitism, harassment, or hate. I also accept that white privilege and white fragility are real things, and try to be as aware as possible of how they affect me and what I can do to minimize them.
  • I also believe that well behaved women seldom make history, and so I will not be sitting down or shutting up, because I have enough power and privilege to protect me.
  • I’m a LARPer. Improv roleplaying skills are more useful in everyday life than you “normal” people realize.
  • I’m a knitter. And I have cats. I am a walking stereotype.
  • I love songs about rebellion. So I also have a dog.
  • I read mostly fantasy, urban fantasy, and space opera, and I read a lot of it.
  • The enemy’s gate will always be down, even if Orson Scott Card himself is deeply problematic. And I will always love Half-Pint, but that doesn’t mean Wilder should have an award named after her. See also: Melville Dewey.
  • I own a Wii, an XBox, a high powered gaming laptop, an iPhone 7, and an iPad, and I play games on all of them. My main used to be a Night Elf Warrior, then it was a Khajiit Templar. I’m currently taking over the world as Kupe and always naming my religion A’Tuin, when I’m not building a killer farm in Stardew Valley.
  • I’m an extroverted hermit, and the internet could recreate me as an AI, given how much it knows about me.
  • Someday, my daughter is going to take over the world.


Obviously and without saying, but saying nonetheless, this blog and all writing herein are solely the opinion of the author, and nothing included is a representation of the views of any employer, or anyone else, unless explicitly stated.

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